Dani Marin – the founder of Marin Autohaus has always been very passionate about cars. Dani first started helping out friends with car maintenance and service. Marin Autohaus as a company had a vision to become more than selling and servicing cars, it is a place where Dani believed he could build a straight forward, friendly and welcoming environment for his clients. Since 2005, Dani treated each and every client with respect, honesty and integrity and through hard work, open communication and outstanding service Marin Autohaus has become a place where “customers bring their friends”.

Our Mission Statement:

Marin Autohaus is dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service possible. Our mission is to provide our customers with the most hassle free experience, allowing you to make the most informed decision along with a guarantee that you will be satisfied with all services.

Our Expansion: 

Marin Autohaus is proud to announce future expansion with a larger facility, coming in the next year.

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